Oasis.app Review

Oasis.app Named Top Contender for Lend and Borrow Crypto Projects


Oasis is a platform for depositing collateral assets and creating Dai. Each collateral on the network has its own Vault, and customers can manage multiple vaults from the dashboard. The website has a simple design and showcases all important information upfront. Oasis is developed as the go-to solution for producing, saving, or exchanging Dai. Operators can create Dai by locking collateral, which is supported by the multi-collateral Dai Maker. Customers can also deposit their collateral assets in storage rooms to generate Dai. Oasis has features like Borrow and Multiply, which allow users to borrow Dai and create leveraged positions. The platform has low trading costs and users can accrue interest on DAI balances directly on the exchange. The platform has lower liquidity and trading pairs compared to its competitors.

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