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Traders rely heavily on information and discussion to improve their performance. The crypto trade chats category covers popular online forums and channels where traders discuss ideas, peer review projects, and learn. Six of the most popular platforms are reviewed, with some focused on technical analysis, ICO investing, technology, general investing, and more. TradingView is one such platform that enables traders to conduct technical analysis on equities, forex, and cryptocurrencies and share their ideas with other traders. Some chat rooms, like Bitcoin Core, focus on technical discussions that may impact investment decisions, while others, like ICO talk and Cryptominded, cover general crypto-related discussions. Some traders are willing to pay for access to premium services, like Hashtag investing, which is noted in the reviews. However, most of the platforms are free, which can sometimes lead to low-quality posts. To maintain high-quality discussions, some platforms have a screening process where users are assessed before joining the chat room.

Hashtag Investing is a website that provides tradingview Bitcoin information and resources for investors.
Hashtag Investing
Tradingview Chats is a platform on that offers users the ability to chat about Bitcoin and other trading topics.
Tradingview Chats
CoinFund is a website that focuses on trading Bitcoin and offers access to Tradingview charts.