Cryptocurrency Merchant Services

Expanding business horizons requires merchants to incorporate a wide range of payment gateways, including those that accept cryptocurrencies. However, the adoption of crypto payment gateways can be challenging due to the lack of establishment compared to traditional payment processors. To address this, The Crypto Candle explores the cryptocurrency payment gateway niche and provides factors to consider when choosing a viable crypto payment enabler. Two models of operation are available, with the first requiring payment processing plugins and APIs for integration into websites, while the second caters to brick and mortar outlets. Security is a significant concern for merchants, and it is essential to opt for a quality crypto payment processor that circumvents issues relating to volatility and offers robust security measures. Factors to consider when choosing a crypto payment gateway for a business include jurisdiction, safety, the custodial framework, transaction processing speed, customer support, flexibility, the user interface, coin payment fees, and the number of cryptocurrencies supported. The Crypto Candle compiled a list of the nine best payment gateways for cryptocurrencies.

Coinbase Commerce is a platform for cryptocurrency payments and transactions, accessible through the website and supported by Coinpayments.
Coinbase Commerce is a payment processing platform that enables businesses to accept and manage cryptocurrency payments, including Coinpayments.
bitpay is a website that offers cryptocurrency payment solutions through its Coinpayments platform.
Bitonic is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that accepts payments in various coins through Coinpayments.
BitKassa is a website that offers cryptocurrency payment processing services through Coinpayments.