Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Charity

Charity is an essential aspect of being a conscientious human being. Whether it's donating money, clothing, volunteering, or visiting orphans and the less privileged with gifts, there is always one person who needs your help. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Vcash and Monero can also be used for donations. However, some people may not know the platforms to donate on. Fortunately, The Crypto Candle can help provide useful information on this aspect. The platform has collated sites that are highly reliable and recommendable for Crypto charity. These sites have been scrutinized and examined, and with their short reviews, one can easily pick the one that suits their taste. These sites offer a wide range of services, including up-to-date information about charitable events, affiliations with some charities, and the use of blockchain technology for donors to trace their transactions. Project results are also shared directly with donors, and some sites provide rewards for good actors in the nonprofit sector.

Binance Charity is a platform that utilizes Bitcoin donations to support charitable causes around the world.
Binance Charity
Fidelity Charitable is a platform for Bitcoin charity donations, enabling individuals and organizations to support various causes and make a positive impact in the world.
FIDELITY Charitable
Pineapple Fund is a charity website that uses Bitcoin to fund various causes.
Pineapple Fund
War Child is a Bitcoin charity website dedicated to helping children affected by war.
War Child is the website of Bitgive Foundation, a charity that accepts Bitcoin donations.
Bitgive Foundation
Dignitas International is a charitable organization that accepts Bitcoin donations to support their mission of providing healthcare to underprivileged communities.
Dignitas is a platform for Bitcoin-based charity donations.
Donationcoin is a Bitcoin charity website that aims to help people in need.
bithope is a website dedicated to charitable fundraising through the use of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.
Crypto Charity Fund