Cointraffic Review

Revolutionizing Cryptocurrency Advertising: Cointraffic Ranks Among Top Projects is a cryptocurrency advertising network that offers a variety of ad formats and runs CPM campaigns. They have assisted over 400 crypto projects in developing a Smart Marketing plan and product launch. The software is simple to use, and their Self-Service Tool allows anyone to start serving ads or monetizing their crypto site instantly. The network is controlled by Sergei Verbitski, who founded it in 2013. Cointraffic compensates publishers based on the website's quality and traffic, and payments are made three times a week. They offer a range of ad types, including in-page banners, slide banners, background advertising, pop-under ads, header banner ads, sticky banner ads, and native ads. The network has some prerequisites for publishers, including having a monthly unique visitor count of at least 5000 and a premium domain,.net, Overall, Cointraffic is a fantastic network that works well for advertisers and publishers.

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