Binance Futures Review

Discover the Power of Binance Futures: The Top Choice in Bitcoin Futures Trading

Binance Futures is a sub-segment on the Binance trading platform that allows users to trade long and short futures contracts for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. To get started, users need to create and verify a Binance account, fund their wallet with USDT, and transfer the funds to their futures trading wallet. Binance futures supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies and offers leveraged positions with up to 125x leverage. The platform offers four different types of orders, including limit, market, stop-limit, and take-profit-limit orders. Binance futures also offers two futures platforms, USDT and COIN, which users can use to settle trades. The platform provides security features such as 2-factor authentication and anti-phishing technology, and users can view their trading history and balance. Binance also has an affiliate program that offers commissions for referring new users. Despite a security breach in 2019, Binance remains one of the most secure exchange platforms.

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